Over and Under Gun Options


The Chapuis Armes over and Under shotguns are an amazing alternative to the mainstream brands/models in the UK such as the Beretta 690 Field, Beretta 687EELL, Beretta Jubilee. Browning Heritage and Browing 725 game models.

The Chapuis Armes range of over and under models feature laser engraving in the classic range,  hand engraving in the Artisan range (carried out by in-house engravers) and then the Grand Lux models feature hand engraving from some of the most renown engravers in Europe. All of the over and under models are built on the same design as the incredibly robust Chapuis Armes over and under express rifles designed to fire upto 30-06.

With W Horton & Sons the entire Chapuis Armes range of over and under shotguns are available with a free fitting with an articulated try gun (must book) which ensures your gun arrives to fit you out of the box. A Bespoke gun made to measure, a service you would expect on guns 2 to 3 times the price.