The Chapuis over and under shotgun range explained

The Chapuis Armes range of over and under shotguns offer immense value for money when you compare them to other guns on the market. For example, if you compare the Chapuis Armes C135 Artisan shotgun to say a hand engraved Browning, in our mind the Chapuis wins the value stakes hands down.

However, the Chapuis range of guns still remain an unknown within the shooting fraternity. The video below is a short run through of the Chapuis over and under shotgun range, each one is made for you especially so you get the gun you want and to fit out of the box with a free gun fit with W Horton & Sons.

To see the engraving designs for Classic range, visit the Chapuis Armes classic shotgun pages. There will also be another post explaining the mechanical structure and build quality of the Chapuis range, so keep checking our blog or like our facebook page to keep posted.


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    Just watched your vidieo and would like to know what cost would a C40
    soild ribs left handed stock dark wood with tang on bottom of palm grip,
    30″ barrels single trigger.
    I live in Leicestershire lastly is there any finance deals on these guns at Present,
    thanking you,
    Mike Moffatt,