Latest delivery of bespoke Chapuis

The latest batch of Bespoke made to measure at no extra cost Chapuis Armes have been delivered. What we have here from top are;

Chapuis C40 classic with grade 4 wood 12g 30″ multi choke.

Chapuis RGP classic 12g 30″ barrels with grade 2 wood for demo.

Chapuis C35 12g 30″ barrels with grade 2 wood. Fixed chokes 1/4 & 1/2.

Chapuis C140 Artisan 20 gauge with solid rib straight hand stock hand engraving 30″ barrels with multi chokes. Grade 5 wood.

Chapuis RGP Artisan 30″ 16 gauge with semi beaver tail forend. Grade 5 wood.

If you’d like to view the range of book in for a free fitting please contact us on 0121 369 1855 or email


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  • malcolm baines says:

    Are you going to the Game Fair at Hatfield House in July, if so which stand and will you be taking the Chapuis 16 guage under and over with you?

    • Steve Horton says:

      Hi Malcolm,

      Have you ordered off us already? If not we have a 16g over and under as a demo. We’re not going to the game fair.


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