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Thanks for visiting the W Horton & Sons (est 1855) dedicated Chapuis Armes website. W Horton & Sons (est 1855) are Chapuis Armes premium dealers based in Birminghams historic Gun Quarter in the UK., We believe the Chapuis Armes range of shotguns and rifles are a credible alternative to any of the guns on the market today. We hope you enjoy the content, especially the blog which contains reviews and some of the guns we have ordered to our customers requirements.

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We retail a number of other shotguns, clothing and footwear brands from our premises in Birminghams Gun Quarter, so if you require anything other than Chapuis Armes please visit our main website


Chapuis Armes

Chapuis Armes established in 1934 in a small village near St Etienne (The French equivalent to Birminghams Gun Quarter). It is now managed and run by 3rd generation of the same family, David & Vincent Chapuis.

Chapuis Armes Factory Tour


The Chapuis over and under shotgun range explained

IMG_20171229_1224567 The Chapuis Armes range of over and under shotguns offer immense value for money when you compare them to other guns on the market. For example, if you compare the Chapuis Armes C135 Artisan shotgun to say a hand engraved Browning, in our mind the Chapuis wins the value stakes hands down. However, the Chapuis range of […]

Chapuis, Woodward style

grade 5 Chapuis wood The Chapuis Armes C135 and C140 artisan range of guns can be made for you in so many ways. Here is a C135 made for a gentleman who is a fan of the woodward style semi pistol grip with double triggers and multi choke 30″ barrels. Grade 5 wood which he chose himself. You see […]

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